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Price per gallon

Ooo, look, I made a list of things. And how much they cost per gallon.

Fun things I learned:

  • It costs more per gallon for the gas to put into a used Mini Cooper than to buy the car in the first place.
  • Buckyballs cost more than a Macbook Pro. Gold is 10 times as valuable as a human, but 200 times less valuable than Photoshop per gallon.
  • But nothing I could find comes even remotely close to the cost of synthetic elements. It costs 35 times the GDP of the whole world to make one gallon of Iodine-123, a radioactive marker used in nuclear medicine imaging.
Item Price per gallon
Trash (in SF) -$0.86
Tap water $0.002
Cow dung $0.70
Used 2002 Mini Cooper $3.98
Gas to run said Mini Cooper $4.20
Bottomless mimosas at Rosemunde's weekend brunch $15 (what a deal!)
15" Macbook Pro $3,117.64
Buckyballs $4,657.57
Saffron $10,308
Human $350K
Gold $3.71M
Moon rocks $33.2M
Adobe CS6 $614M for the software +
$1.27M for the 64GB MicroSD cards
Iodine-123 (used in radiation therapy) $2.52 quadrillion


Andrew Carman