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Tales of Peru (Part 1)


A picture book of my trip to Peru (Oct 15th to the 30th, 2013). You will laugh. You will cry. You will be startled by a creepy mannequin. You might even get to see a llama. Enjoy! 

Day 0 (Wednesday): Travel

Alarm. 4:30am. Fly to Lima. Uneventful. Wait in baggage claim for others. 2am they arrive. Smooth travels. Realization: the person fluent in Spanish couldn't make it. Welp. Four years of high school Spanish will suffice. Learned from acquaintance on plane not to take airport taxis, it's too expensive. We walk outside but forget to bargain before getting in. Wind up paying the gringo price to ride to the hostel.

3am. Sleep.

Day 1 (Thursday): Cusco

Alarm. 5am. No hot water - skip the shower. Learn that in Peru, you throw your used toilet paper in the trash instead of flushing it. Bad plumbing. Take taxi back to airport for flight to Cusco. Apparently, domestic flights in Peru begin boarding a full hour early.

Arrive in Cusco by lunch. Check into the hostel and start exploring the city. Just getting our bearings. It’s very picturesque. The altitude is definitely noticeable. I’m really surprised by the large number of stray dogs permeating the streets. I want to play with them but Laura warns me not to. Sadly, it's for the best.

While Alan and I stand in line a long time to get sim cards, Laura and Annie go to our travel company and book a Sacred Valley tour for Saturday. They tell them we'll be back tomorrow to check in for Machu Picchu. Then Laura entertains us with her newly purchased socks.

11pm. Sleep. 


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