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Bad Movie Review

I was browsing for terrible movies on Netflix and came across a movie called Infection. It has 1 star and looks terrible. But the highlight, was the top review for the film. It's incredible:

This is not a zombie flick! This is no more a zombie movie than Invasion of the Body Snatchers. Ok. Now that weve cleared up that little Netfl!x categorization snafu lets get into the review. My review has two parts: 1. Film quality 2. My personal take on it. 1. Theres no acting, no good scares, no good monsters, no good heroes, no good villains, no good laughs, theres absolutely no content worth watching in this film. Consider finishing this film a test of personal will or resolve, like standing on one foot or watching paint dry for 95 minutes for no other reason than to say you did it. This movie fails to deliver one single jump. Although I am a hardened horror film buff, I dont think theres anything in the whole 95 minutes that would make a 10yo jump. Im not trying to berate the movie, there really is no terror or dread a 10yo would be frightened by. If you have 95 minutes you must kill, and you refuse to take a nap, you can watch this movie. Just dont say I didnt warn you. 2. This movie is so fundamentally terrible its almost inexplicable. For example: In the final scenes, one actor gets hit with a right hook, when he gets up hes soothing the RIGHT side of his face! Any storyline even remotely plausible is blown away by a slew of unnecessary twists that make a liar of every character and everything you just saw. ----SPOILER ALERT---- (you can probably go ahead and read this cause you shouldnt watch the movie) I know youre supposed to put your brain on a shelf when watching scifi but the glaring failure of the troupe to eradicate the source of the infection flies in the face of any story were told about containment of the epidemic.
Andrew Carman